Plastic industry

Shredding and cutting in plastic industry are very demanding processes. Abrasion, erosion and breaking of tooling can be very frequent, therefore it is imperative to use very hard components, manufactured with the maximum precision.

Thanks to the know-how we gained over decades in the selection of the most suitable powder mix and our well-established project and production capabilities, our company is the right choice for high quality solutions.

We are therefore the ideal supplier for companies involved in:

  • Production of plastic granules/ pellet for extrusion
  • Cutting of plastic for the manufacturing of diverse products
  • Shredding of plastic for recycling
  • Production of recycled plastic.


Molds, punches
and dies

and knives

Bushings, pins and
wire drawing dies

Bushings, pins
and wire drawing dies

Bars, plates
and inserts

Components for
shredders and mixers


Plastic industry